The SIA Baltic Dairy Board, in cooperation with AS Biotechnical Center, completed an industrial research and experimental development

The SIA Baltic Dairy Board, in cooperation with AS Biotechnical Center, completed an industrial research and experimental development project for:

“Research on the Improvement of Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis Process for the Production of Highly Valuable Whey and Milk Protein Hydrolysates”

Project implementation period: from 01.09.2016 to 31.08.2017 in the program “Growth and employment” 1.2.1. the specific support objective “To Increase Private R&D Investments” in the measure “Support for the Development of New Products and Technologies within the Competence Centers”

Project number:


The study is being implemented within in the Center for Competence in Smart Materials and Technologies. During the project milk and whey protein hydrolysate controlled formation process was improved.

Baltic Dairy Board ltd in cooperation with AS “Biotehniskais centrs” performed protease enzyme activity testing with six commercially available protease preparations and investigated the hydrolysis of milk and whey protein at various conditions (temperature, mixing intensity, substrate concentration), varying the protease concentrations in various combinations.

For more promising samples of protein hydrolysates, a more detailed analysis of peptide composition was performed using mass spectroscopy methods. The combination of different proteases was investigated in protein hydrolysis and their effect on the characteristics of the obtained polypeptides.

In the case of the use of multiple proteases, the effect moll mass on the polypeptides in the protein hydrolyzate been studied in terms of the ratio of interactions between protease preparations and attachment time of the proteases.

Based on experimental data results, the adaptation of the parameters and regimes of the fermenter system for the enzymatic hydrolysis process at different concentrations of the substrate has been carried out, taking into account the viscosity and other physico-chemical properties of both substrates (milk protein and whey protein), as well as the dynamic changes of these properties during the process.

Based on research data, optimization of process control algorithms and their testing at laboratory-level equipment has been performed.

Result of the study:

  • Achievement;

Improved pilot level technology for controlled hydrolysis of milk and whey proteins has been developed for the real production process and the technical solutions and process control algorithms for hydrolysis of milk and whey proteins have been developed.

  • industry impact

The result of the research has a positive impact on the development of the industrial biotechnology industry in Latvia, expanding the process and the range of products resulting therefrom.