Baltic Dairy Board researchers participated in Dairy science conference ”Innovations in Dairy Ingredients”

Researchers from SIA Baltic Dairy Board, Ansis Zauers and Armands Vigants, participated in the 10th Dairy science conference organized by the Dutch scientific organization NIZO. Theme of this year’s conference: ” Innovations in Dairy Ingredients ” Dairy ingredients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats play an important role in reaching the desired texture of the product, as well as the sensory properties of virtually all dairy products. Dairy ingredients improve the nutritional value to a wide range of products as well as beneficial health effects that make them appealing to consumers as an addition to healthy daily diet. As demand grows for products with improved functional and nutritional properties. Academic and industrial science is driven forward to find new solutions and innovations. This year. 126 oral presentations and posters were presented at the conference.

Latvian researchers presented their study on the poster stand with the topic: ‘’Biosynthesis of galacto-oligosaccharides from milk permeate concentrate by different β-galactosidases’’ as part of project” Lactose-containing milk and whey permeate enzymatic bio-conversion in products with increased value.” within the program “Growth and Employment” 1.2.1. the specific objective of support “to boost private sector investment in R&D”, measure “Support for new product and technology development within centers of competence”